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TS019: Storytelling – Not Selling Selling Technique

Mike Adams


Engineer turned salesman, Mike Adams taught himself storytelling ‘on the job’ while selling and managing sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia for international corporations Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia and Halliburton. Since 2014, Mike has been helping companies find and develop their own stories through his storytelling consulting practice.

How to pitch without pitching? How to sell without selling?

In an unpredictable and volatile world, it’s more important than ever to connect deeply with clients first through storytelling. Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen from Ninja Software listened to this proven sales method.
Here’s how.

TS018: The State of Engineering

James Trevelyan


What is an engineer?
What does an engineer do?

Confronting questions and more in an exposé on the state of engineering by James Trevelyan, Emeritus Professor at UWA in the discipline of mechatronics and mechanical engineer. Together with Alex and John from Ninja Software, James call for engineers to be taught the skill of collaboration, linguistics and core competency in understanding commercial values to remain relevant. Soft skills including active listening come up again in our podcast on a holistic approach in raising overall professional standards.

“The Making of an Expert Engineer”, published in 2014 is a tome for all practitioners. With lean employment opportunities for many engineering graduates right now, the call to action is for his peers to pay it forward, set time aside in a coordinated strategy to help the next generation transitioning to the workplace.

For more advice and insights on becoming an expert engineer,

TS017: Startups – Lessons Learnt!

Marcus Holmes


Inspired by our previous interview with Marcus Holmes, one of the four spiritual founders of Startup News in Perth, Alex and John from Ninja Software continue to explore the topics close to our heart: the startup culture, the startup vultures and the paradox of doing more with less.

Like the Brother Grimms on a mission - that of capturing meaningful folklores imbued with powerful lessons to share and inspire others to stay on track with their dreams. And most importantly, continue to build the community spirit through “paying it forward”.

Useful advice for Startups: Get going with your MVP!

What would your advice be for Startups?

TS016: Doing Business in Asia: The Art of War!

Andrew Wei Min Lee


How do Australian Tech companies stand out in Asia? Which Asia? India-Asia? Japan-Asia? China-Asia? Singapore-Asia? Be more specific.

Andrew Wei Min Lee, an experienced negotiator with over half of his life spent in Asia, provides powerful considerations in engagement with Asian clients. Having led successful commercial negotiations and dispute resolutions while living in China, Australian born Andrew has often seen the lost-in-translation deal-breaking scenarios between East and West. He highlights to Alex and John from Ninja Software a common oversight, the lack of awareness of the cultural stereotypes and invisible baggage each person brings to the table.

Also explored is the booming e-commerce phenomena in Asia. Tech integration is faster in Asian countries which interestingly has a direct correlation to better, cheaper internet access and their cultural position on privacy.

With regards to tech opportunities, Andrew advised, “We can do more to understand what technology platforms are being used overseas. That knowledge can unlock a lot of business potential”.

TS015: Cyber Security Explained

Paul Haskell-Dowland


You don’t know how crippling it is until you’re the victim!

This is a timely interview with WA leading expert on cyber security in light of recent high profiled cyber attacks in Australia. Paul Haskell-Dowland, Associate Dean from Edith Cowan University, provides a comprehensive overview to Alex and John from Ninja Software of what is at stake and what we can do about it.

Taking us through everyday threats around us in our burgeoning tech environment, from critical infrastructures to the home users, Paul points out the weakest link is often the human factor. Is there a solution for us?

Ethical hacking!
Quantum cryptography!

The sobering reality for us is attacks by a nation-state is the nuclear arms race of our time.

TS014: Bring Manufacturing Back!

Michael Tuckey


Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, is a powerful new player in manufacturing that could wean us off our reliance on cheap labour overseas.

Leveraging technology to overcome significantly lower labour cost elsewhere is an ethical and sustainable model for economic development: Micro-manufacturing to support local communities.

Michael Tuckey from New Forge explains the benefits of additive manufacturing to Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen from Ninja Software. In addition to the production of durable products to engineering standards, 24/7 automated digital manufacturing is key to renewed interest in Australian manufacturing.

The devastating job losses in the hospitality industry as the result of COVID resonate deeply with Michael. Changes in Government policies had devastating impacts on his previous business, causing his client base to practically disappear overnight.

This is an exemplary podcast on the spirit of inventiveness, innovation, and resilient attitude of our SMEs and their ability to pivot quickly with changing times. Let us bring manufacturing back!

What is your view on this?

TS013: The Role of Modern Leaders

Sarab Singh


Corporate Sherpas CEO, Sarab Singh, explains to Alex and John from Ninja Software the evolution of leadership through time. With a background in organizational psychology and years of experience guiding visionary C-Suite Executives to be on track with their journey, Sarab is often humbled to see real changes and positive action in business from a shift in mindset.

What is a fixed mindset?
What is a growth mindset?
How is language informing our actions in the workplace?
Agility. Creativity. Resilience. How do we bring out the best in our staff?

As the world moves into a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, we need to choose our leadership in context.

“The Times They Are a-Changin”, Bob Dylan.
The same should be with Leadership.

TS012: Gen Z: Purposeful or Entitled?

Elizabeth Knight


Born in the time of broadband and overlapping social media noises 24/7 - what to make of this generation?

Memes and avatars aside, Gen Z changemaker Elizabeth Knight shares an insightful view with Alex and John from Ninja Software on the pressures facing the youths of today. With many changes ahead in the future of work, are our young people equipped to find their place in the workforce?

A useful starting point is for universities to re-examine the traditional model of dispensing blocks of knowledge which are not preparing Gen Z sufficiently for the fragmented career pathways in their lifetime.

Like the youths of any generation, they are a source of innovation.
What can we do in our own organization to unlock the opportunities for young people in the workforce?

This is Elizabeth’s mission, empowering this generation to find their own purpose to make meaningful choices.

TS011: Business Coaching – Shamans or Charlatans?

Ak Sabbagh


Business Coaching, the next critical step for owners and executives looking for a road map forward.

But how do we separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding the right business coach for our journey? Alex and John from Ninja Software explore this dilemma with Ak Sabbagh, our mentor from Beckon Business, who has been an integral presence in getting us to the level of where we are today.

Here is a fascinating track on the Yin and Yang of business; the possibility of AI coaching executives; and a succinct definition of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Among invaluable insights is Ak’s experienced point of view on the common business mistakes which can prepare us to avoid the pitfalls post COVID-19.

Beckon Business:

TS010: How Can a 92 Year Old Non-Profit Stay Innovative?

Rebecca Tomkinson


Royal Flying Doctor Service WA CEO Rebecca Tomkinson sharing the journey of innovation, transformation, and other stories from the cockpit of the Flying Doctor with Alex and John from Ninja Software.

24/7, 20 flights a day, from camels and Morse codes to hospital in the sky – the recent transformation of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has seen the 92-year-old iconic charity respond to thousands of lives across the harshest terrain and most remote areas of our state.

What started out as an “aeronautical experiment” to provide health equity nearly a hundred years ago has continued to advance with the Royal Flying Doctor Service WA being the first to use the jet for aeromedical retrieval work anywhere in the world!

What’s next?

TS009: Is It Time for the 4 Day Work Week?

Andrew Barnes


Alex and John from Ninja Software speak to Andrew Barnes, author of 4 Day Week, about his mission to change the world.

Touted as radical, the evidence is compelling with regards to the model for a sustainable future of work: optimal productivity, work-life balance, and benefits for both employees and employers.

The biggest risk you take is not doing it.

TS008: The world AI will make

Toby Walsh


Famed artificial intelligence expert Toby Walsh speaks to Alex and John about AI, Machine Learning, the future of technology and what society may look like in the not so distant future.

TS007: How Startup News was founded

Patrick Green, Marcus Holmes and Charlie Gunningham


Startup News, the heart of our startup ecosystem supporting techpreneurs in Western Australia.

Have you ever thought about what it takes to find and encourage startups in Perth to follow through with their vision? Who would do it? And WHY?

In the midst of COVID-19 lockdown, Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen from Ninja Software had the privilege of having Patrick Green, Marcus Holmes and Charlie Gunningham in a stimulating conversation on the startup culture in Western Australia.

What you didn't know, you will now know after this episode.

The question is:
If they can do it, what can we do to nurture our startup culture?
We would love to hear your answer...

TS006: Dirk Feinauer – The role of technology in society

Dirk Feinauer


An interview with Dirk Feinauer and his observations on technology in Australia.

TS005: RealLives

Parag Mankeekar


Alex Dunmow (CEO of Ninja Software) and John Nguyen (CTO of Ninja Software) with Parag Mankeekar (Leader for RealLives, a successful life simulator acclaimed to promote global empathy) discussing the need to cultivate empathy in the modern world.

This episode reminds us that echnology can be used as a force for good, in the long road to making the world more equal.

TS004: I became a web developer… At 30.

Reece Roguski


A fairly longwinded account of Reece’s journey into front end web development. Reece was fast approaching 30 years old and when he decided to risk it all and become a web developer. This is his story.

TS003: What can you bring to the table?


What does someone have to offer to a tech business if they're not technical? Alex and John answers questions from a listener.

TS002: Tech cooperatives, gig economy & RideFair


John and Alex discuss from Ninja Software technology cooperativism, the gig economy and RideFair.

TS001: How do I start a technology business when I’m not technical?


In today's modern world of business, technology startups are a dime a dozen. What steps can you take to make yours succeed, where others have failed? What kind of pitfalls can you avoid, and strategies can you employ to improve your chances of success?
Alex and John explores what it takes to build a tech business from the ground up for the non-technical founder.

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